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Bryan Chops
Investor Extraordinaire

About the founder of Option Strategies

I am an option strategy and stock market game fanatic! I like to play all of the stock market games and stock market contests I can find, and I usually do pretty well. I have never won the big prize, but I have placed and won a few bucks from www.howthemarketworks.com I have played just about all of these stock games over the last few years that I decided to launch my own website and tell others which ones I thought were best. So I launched option-strategy.com.

How did I learn about options?

Here’s my story, in case you are interested. I graduated from a top school in Oklahoma with an engineering degree. After I got my first job and started saving a few dollars, I realized I didn’t know what to do with my money–all $5,000 of it. It was sitting in the bank earning 2% and I thought I was never going to get rich at 2% returns a year!

My co-workers were having lots of conversations at the water cooler about this stock and that stock and how much money they made. So I started spending my nights researching the stock market, and then I stumbled upon one of these stock market game websites. I registered for free, and started trading based on the rumors I was hearing at work, I started reading Money magazine, and I signed up for a bunch of free email newsletters from TheStreet.com and Fool.com.

Before I realized it, I was hooked on trying to make money in the stock market, with both a buy and hold strategy for 80% of my money, and a make-a-quick-buck strategy for my other 20%. I started trading on these stock market game websites and realized some were realistic and some were not. This little website is my foray into being a web designer and sharing my expertise based on 5 years of playing stock market games.

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